There is no denying it, the Apple iPhone is one of the most desired phones in the market, and there are many people who are looking to buy your used phone. Guys do remember that sales of used iPhones are upbeat and as against the other devices available in the market, you used iPhone can fetch a great price. However, if you are thinking of to sell iPhone online, do that right away or else you could lose out. The best time to sell your used iPhone is around the announcements of the new models. It is observed that within two weeks of the announcement of the new models, the value of old iPhones depreciates by 5 percent, two weeks more and be ready to accept at least 12 percent less, and by the time you reach eight weeks you would have lost more than 20 percent of the resale value. So the idea is if you are thinking of selling your iPhone do it right away!

With the advent of websites like OLX and Quikr, selling has become relatively easy. Posting an ad for your used iPhone and contacting potential buyers is easier and authentic & is the best place to sell your iPhone online where you also get promo code of $10. You just need to take some good pictures of your phone, put in the correct information regarding manufacturing date, condition, etc., your contact details and your asking price, and post it on the website. Chances are very high that you will start getting inquiries about your phone within hours of the post. Next step is to filter the ones you think are genuine and negotiate for the price. Then, you can pick the one, or two, you want to meet and show the actual phone to them, and if they like it, BINGO! Your phone is sold. For those who don’t know the value of their used iPhone, Quikr can also help you on this through their MSP (Maximum Selling Price) calculator. Just fill in the required information and within seconds, it will show you the approximate value of your old device.


You can also list your iPhone on classified websites. Sites like Craigslist and eBay give you the most control regarding your iPhone’s selling price. But these come with the baggage of spam, scams, and subpar emails. If you are patient enough to deal with them, there are flocks of keen Apple enthusiasts waiting to scoop up your used iPhone at a moment’s notice, sometimes regardless of its condition. These classified sites allow you to fix your asking price and often prove the easiest and most rewarding avenues for selling your device in your city or anywhere. The prices on Craigslist prices often fluctuate on basis of the delivery time and availability, but many people are willing to shell out that extra amount to lay hands on their iPhone sooner than later.

A small tip: Apple advises to remove the data from your old phone device before selling, through iCloud settings. In case, you are looking to buy another iPhone you can also transfer the data on your iPhone through the backup saved on iCloud and iTunes. For more info on this, you may visit their website.

When business starts booming, there are usually many fruitful projects to follow, but perhaps sometimes even more than you or your staff can handle. There is no shame in seeking out help, but there can be if that help is subpar. It’s important to make sure you are connecting with the right people for the job required. Make sure you do research in your desired field and look for people with professional references and positive reviews, and the qualities that best match your needs.

Social media can be a great resource for the pre-employment screening process, by utilizing the databases of professional and freelance sites like LinkedIn, UpWork, Elance or Guru. Similarly, you can check out sites like for invaluable support with the entire hiring process. It is much easier to obtain quality help when you can be assured the candidates are the best qualified. Whether it is for a short project or a long-term addition to your team, finding highly skilled and dependable professionals requires good research.

The growth of the Internet is rapidly increasing, with Facebook bringing in millions of users daily, and people spending over 15% of their total time on this site alone. With the rise of networking and social media, finding professionals for position openings is certainly easier, but it also requires some diligence order to find the best people for the job.Be sure to keep a list in mind of the things you require in an employee, engage with quality prospects through social media, and utilize other professional work sites to help you hire the right candidate.

Vodafone is a telecommunications company which has reached an international level and can be used around the globe. It was founded in the UK in 1985; now more than four hundred thousand users choose Vodafone for their telecommunication choice. The company started out very small and in just thirty years has expanded its brand to be known as one of the most valuable around the world; now operating out of thirty different countries and with fifty partnering countries; Vodafone users are delighted with their service and are on the rise to making this one of the top brands worldwide for telecommunications.

Vodafone offers a variety of different service including Business, roaming and even marketing solutions. Which you can easily find right on their website; including the contact information to order your Vodafone service's.. It is never too late to change your current communications service provider to Vodafone! The reputable company Vodafone offers business services no matter how small or large a corporation one might have. From a small business, large corporate business to multinational organizations and even public sectors on a government level.

Vodafone has got you covered! The company even won the GSMA award for their amazing roaming services in the year 2015; Vodafone has over seven hundred and fifty million mobile customers using their roaming services, which allows Vodafone customers to connect virtually anywhere on the globe! Vodafone is more than just a multinational telecommunications company, this company offers marketing solutions to their customers that are unlike any other with over six hundred million consumers and in seventy different markets, this company can reach the very audience one might need in order to market their business just perfectly.

Using Vodafone marketing services a business can grow dramatically through their many different tailored media packages. Just take a look at the Vodafone website, it's all there! The company offers banners, mobile apps, and the web, multimedia messaging services, short messaging service, shop alerts and much, much more through their tailored media packages within the marketing solutions they offer.

Thinking about investing in Vodafone? Why not start now! An investor can find great opportunities within the Vodafone website about all of the investment opportunities that the company offers. From financial reports, analyst coverage and even press releases, it's all there under the Investors tab at the top of the page. The whole goal of this entire company is to be the leading telecommunications carrier for the next generation and for generations to come, so get on board! Vodafone has done research in many different countries where their service's can help inspire growth within communities by offering their products to customers everywhere.

By investing in Vodafone, helping them to help others; the economy and development will grow across the globe. Why not be a part of that wonderful growth? If a potential investor has any questions or concerns about Vodafone, their research, or any of the products or services they offer, just give the Vodafone contact number a call; the company is sure to answer any and all of your questions to make you feel comfortable with your investment choice.

Vodafone has a particular vision that most other companies do not even compare. Not only is the company seeking to give their customers the best multinational telecommunication services with roaming included; Vodafone wants to see the world grow and prosper into something great; helping communities across the world. So call, order Vodafone and be a part of something great!

Custom made jerseys have many benefits, no matter who wears them. Teams, companies, schools and even the average person will receive more from wearing a specially made jersey than they would a mass produced one from a department store.

Benefits of Custom Made Jerseys

• Professional image, looks sharp
• Boosts team spirit and moral
• Conveys your message publicly
• High quality
• Fit well

Benefits of Wearing Custom Made Jerseys for Individuals

Private individuals are guaranteed a well-fitting garment that looks sharp and will last a long time. Wearing a specially made jersey helps you to stand out from the crowd. It says something is special about the person who wears it. While everyone else is wearing the run of the mill variety from the store; you’re sporting a garment that is different. The jersey has its own unique design and can be made from higher quality materials than the others.
People notice when someone is wearing high class threads and you can benefit socially because of it. Take any opportunity that you can and promote yourself by wearing a great looking jersey that not only fits perfectly but will last a long-time.

Benefits of Using Custom Made Jerseys for Companies

The benefits a company or an organization will receive from using custom made uniforms and jerseys may be enormous. These beneficial qualities may manifest themselves in many ways that aren’t related to accounting but have a high-impact nonetheless on how the business operates.

Employees appreciate not having to buy clothing that is only wearable for work. They save time and money and that means a lot to the average person as they go about the work day. They also begin to feel more like a team. The jerseys help form that special bond between workers and management that can’t be replaced.

The custom made jerseys are an ongoing promotion of the company. They are one of the lowest cost types of advertising there is. A well designed and good fitting garment tells the public your professional message. People will see a sharp and professional looking staff that is well trained and intelligent instead of a company that doesn’t care.
Custom Made Jerseys Benefit Schools

Schools receive spirit and pride for the institution as well as the team. Students feel united and work together as they learn the fundamentals of teamwork and responsible public behavior.
The school’s sports teams look good and the members take pride in being part of the team. Moral is boosted and everyone cheers for the home team. The team spirit helps them achieve added excellence which attracts public attention. The attention brings in funding for the schools and athletic scouts for the student’s scholarships.

This brings the whole community closer together because people realize that every individual makes up part of it. The schools, students and communities benefit from specially made jerseys.
Specially made jerseys have many benefits beyond the obvious ones and really no down points. If you want a socially respectable, cost effective and great looking garment then they are for you.

So this is my first of many posts on reviewing businesses that I have dealt with in Brisbane and one of my businesses revolves around steel fencing so looking for the right source of Brisbane steel supplies is paramount to the success of my business.

The issue is I have literally been through more than a dozen of the so called best steel suppliers in Brisbane and the experience to be honest has been nothing short of irritating. Before you thinks this is a useless post of me ranting my way about the many suppliers of steel here (mainly in between Gold Coast and Brisbane) please understand that the whole point of this blog is for me to share my experiences with you so hopefully you do not waste your precious time and money on banter and travel.

The steel suppliers I dealt with either had no interest for real long lasting business relationship, or were not interested in providing a custom quote based on small orders first. What is worse, most of them did not email reply back to my requests for a call back or a quote on the services. Some even replied back after 4 days and said they had a missed call or message for them to call me comments lol.

The story does have a happy ending though, I Google'd Steel Supplies Brisbane and was fortunate enough to come across, a Brisbane based supplier headed by mr. Sean Garro, a very down to earth happy chap who refers to himself as the hoddog lover which I am still scratching my head trying to figure out what he means. He was polite enough to meet up with me in a Brisbane cafe and even shouted me coffee and we discussed how we could be in business together. A number of other services his company offers include: Steel installating and fencing.

Sean like me runs several businesses so knows the importance of having a top notch level of customer service. Needless to say I was sold. I ordered my first batch of steel from Sean and will be ordering many more from him in the future. He literally did "steel" me away from the other competitors out there who will not be having my business.

If you are looking to getting the best steel money can buy be sure to call Sean and mention Eman referred you for the best prices no matter where you are in Australia. All the services come with iron clad guarantee and the steel will be dropped to your address like it has at my workshop without me having to delegate, chase up or organise the bits and bolts.

Steel Giants have been a big part of the construction industry supplying steel building materials for over 14 years. All the staff are fully trained and managed by the man himself and he is a perfectionist (we share the same month of Birth, September, a common trait with Virgos).

I hope this review has been useful for you especially if you are looking at steel in the building and construction forte.

Hi folks my name is Eman and this is my personal blog of reviews of businesses based in Brisbane, Australia. I am glad you stopped by. I am interested in keeping this blog real simple and help share my experiences with the world about the different places and businesses I come across in my trip down under here in Brisbane, Australia.

I must say I never expected travelling down here and calling this beautiful city Brisbane my new home. Something has drawn me to this place and I realised there were two fold: Business and the lifestyle.

As a businessman who has traveled the world I am interested to mainly talk about businesses here and will share the experiences and details of the good folks that I have dealt with here. A little referral for good business goes a long way I am sure you will agree with me.

Living in Brisbane, Australia you will see a massive change in the numbers of new businesses proliferating in the city as well as the tradie and industrial type businesses showing up in the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. This turn out of new Brisbane businesses has done its fill of wonderful results and only attracted more businesses from all corners of Australia to come visit this place. Brisbane is in my opinion one of the best livable places around the world. This is a place immersed rich in culture, cosmopolitan and metro feel with the added benefit of fun and things to do while here. There are no shortages of seminars for businesses and entrepreneurs here either, I myself come across several business owners and Brisbane based businesses who happily hand me their business cards and eventually will lead us to the laiden path of reciprocal business dealing..."People do business with people they know and trust" as the old motto goes ;).

This blog will be my personal log of business reviews in Brisbane and my aim is to keep adding to it as I come in contact with more industries and organisations. Living in Brisbane I noticed there are not too many blogs written about people who share their livelihood here and showcase to the world what living here is all about.

This is an about me page so let me go through real quick who I am... <drums rolling> - pause of goes: my name is Eman Bahrani, born in Shiraz and moved to Australia in pursuit of my Univerisity degree. I had a lot of fun learning and applying my double degree in IT and Business Information Systems. This five year course gave me a wealth of experience dealing with businesses in Australia, namely Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Owning my own digital marketing and corporate consultancy business has taught me that the digital age is upon us and no business can truly breathe without a truly optimised presence online. This huge shift of paradoxical thinking and seeing the majority moving away from traditional media and embracing the digital space and online marketing and advertising made me rethink my career path which ultimately lead me to choosing the path of an Online Entrepreneur based here in Brisbane.

In my books the greatest form of leads and customer generation is referral marketing. There is so much you can achieve once you achieve a level of customer service where you meet and exceed customer expectations.

Enough about business...hope I did not bore you to death lol.

What do I like to do here in Brisbane? I always start every morning hanging out some of the many cafe's in the city like Star Bucks and Coffee Club near the riverside where all the fireworks and celebrations like Riverfire take place. Then I hit one of the many Brisbane gyms I have free membership to. People are so nice and polite here in contrast to a lot of the other places I have been to in Australia and a lot of these places offer free membership or trials so a switch is so easy lol...just don't tell too many people .

After gym, it is time to suit up and start the day with coffee number two and training online going through the many modules and answering emails. Then begins the time to attend the many meetings  I normally have during the day with the businesses in Brisbane that (some of them will be talked about in this blog and reviewed) and then comes time to head out with friends in the evening, usually to one of the asian eateries in Queens St Mall and then a movie or shisha session (flavoured tobacco) and then back home to relax in my apartment.

Well this is all about me and I hope you did enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy visit me on here...stay tuned for more details.

I leave you with a timelapse of Brisbane at night: